Auburn SMP Periodic and Associated CAO Updates

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Introduction and Overview

The City of Auburn is undertaking a periodic review of its Shoreline Master Program (SMP). The Shoreline Management Act (SMA) requires each city and county with “shorelines of the State” to prepare and adopt an SMP that is based on State laws and rules but tailored to the specific geographic, economic, and environmental needs of the community. The City’s SMP was initially adopted in 1974 in response to a 1972 State mandate, and had its last major update in 2009. The SMA requires the City to perform a periodic update in response to changes in State laws and rules since the last update (2009). More information on shoreline's can be found on the City's Shoreline Management page.

To assist local jurisdictions with this update, the WA State Department of Ecology (Ecology) prepared a guidance document and checklist to assist local jurisdictions in the SMP update. This checklist was completed and a gap analysis was completed to determine what changes were needed. These documents are compiled and available for review here: Ecology Checklist and Gap Analysis (PDF). 

During review of the City’s SMP updates to the City’s Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO) were also identified. These updates include changes to wetland and stream identification and buffers as well as aquifer recharge areas, the full text is available below. These updates are being done concurrently with the SMP update. 

Update Schedule

Planning Commission Discussion on Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas

  • August 13 through September 12 – 30-day Joint Dept. of Ecology and City Public Comment Period
  • October 8 – Planning Commission Public Hearing
  • October 28 – City Council Study Session
  • November 4 – City Council Adoption of Update Ordinances (tentative)

Public Comments and Public Hearing Information

Comments may be submitted at any time to or by mail to the Community Development Dept. at 25 W. Main St., Auburn, WA 98001.

A public hearing with the Planning Commission was held on October 8, 2019 at 7:00 PM in the City Council Chambers at 25 W. Main ST.  The public was able to attend and participate in the public hearing. For additional information please see the Notice of Public Hearing (NOH) below.

Helpful Documents and Links

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