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Greenroads is a sustainability rating system for roadway design and construction. It is applicable to all roadway projects including new, reconstruction and rehabilitation (even overlays), bridges, you name it.

If it is a project where a road is involved, you can use it.

Greenroads is a collection of sustainability best practices called "credits," that relate to roadway design and construction. Achieving these credits can earn points toward a total score for the project, and in general, this Greenroads score can be used as an indicator of sustainability for the roadway. Four different certification levels (ratings) are available depending on total score on a voluntary basis. For more information about Greenroads go to:

South Division Street Promenade Project

The South Division Street Promenade Project involves the construction of new facilities and replacement of existing facilities along the South Division Street corridor from East/West Main Street to 3rd Street SE/SW, including adjacent streets.

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The project includes the reconstruction of South Division Street, including constructing approximately 1,300 linear feet of new asphalt, cement concrete, and previous concrete roadway pavements, installing crosswalks, 2,000 linear feet of decorative cement concrete and concrete paver sidewalks, street trees and tree grates, hanging plants, landscaping and irrigation, street furniture, pedestrian and street lighting, City-owned fiber conduits, circular aesthetic treatments at the intersections of 1st Street/South Division Street, 2nd Street/South Division Street, and Main Street/South Division Street, constructing a new decorative traffic signal, constructing approximately 1,660 linear feet of sanitary sewer lines, 1,670 linear feet of water mains, 1,000 linear feet of storm drainage improvements, including 705 linear feet of a storm detention facility, constructing a new gateway arch, and coordinating with private utilities regarding undergrounding of power facilities. All work is in accordance with the City's Promenade Plan and the City's Downtown Sidewalk Guidelines.

Sustainable Project Elements
The City of Auburn has achieved a Greenroads™ Bronze Certification as a result of the many environmentally friendly, low-impact development features included in the Promenade. The following is a list of the sustainable elements of the project:

  • All of the rain that falls within the Promenade is infiltrated and treated on-site through the porous concrete.
  • Sidewalk widths were increased to enhance the pedestrian experience and encourage walking in the area.
  • Bicycle racks were provided to allow for bicycle owners to lock their bike while visiting businesses in downtown Auburn.
  • The LED lighting system does not shine light into the sky; all light fixtures are DarkSky approved. They also reduce power consumption by 1/3 as compared to an equivalent Metal Halide bulb.
  • The City of Auburn completed an "Auburn Downtown Plan" Final Environmental Impact Statement.
  • A lifecycle cost analysis was performed to determine the total costs of the roadway including construction cost and estimated annual maintenance costs.
  • A lifecycle inventory of CO2 emissions was performed to determine the total CO2 emissions produced by the construction of the roadway.
  • Prime Contractor Johansen Excavating developed and implemented a Quality Control Plan, Noise Mitigation Plan and a Waste Management Plan.
  • A stormwater pollution prevention plan was implemented during construction to limit the amount of pollution and construction debris that entered the stormwater system during construction.
  • Low-impact development was thoroughly investigated, resulting in the selection of a porous-concrete pavement that allows stormwater to infiltrate into the ground below the road instead of entering the stormwater system.
  • The City of Auburn maintains a pavement management system by tracking pavement condition throughout the City.
  • A site maintenance plan was developed to ensure proper maintenance was performed on the porous concrete roadway.
  • The City hosted a public open house to discuss project details with citizens.
  • The City selected only non-invasive plant species to be planted on-site.
  • The City upgraded the traffic signal system to include vehicle detection, emergency vehicle preemption, countdown pedestrian signals, capacity to connect the signals along Main Street for future signal coordination, and cameras that display on the City's website allowing commuters to see current traffic conditions.
  • The City conducted a Context Sensitive Solutions analysis while determining how and why the project should be built.
  • The "Downtown Auburn" gateway arch was installed, showcasing the entrance to the Promenade
  • The combination of light-colored pavement and porous pavement will not result in the typical "heat island" effect caused by asphalt roadways that absorb more heat. This will create a more comfortable climate during warm and hot days.

For more information or to give feedback on this project please email Ryan Vondrak, Capital & Construction Engineering Manager, or call 253-931-3086.

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