AmeriCorps Volunteer Needed
AmeriCorps Application Now Open
Posted on 03/28/2019

Are you looking for a way to give back to the community? Are you interested in emergency management and helping individuals prepare for a major emergency? Looking to learn more about how a city prepares it’s residents for a major earthquake or other disaster? Not quite sure what you want to do for future employment and want to learn important skills while helping others? The City of Auburn is seeking an AmeriCorps volunteer to help the Emergency Management Division. The Service Member will conduct disaster preparedness and education activities, work with community volunteers to assist in disaster response and recovery, teach disaster preparedness classes, and coordinate the CERT program.

The city will accept applications from interested candidates until filled.

The City of Auburn Emergency Management Division maintains an all-hazard emergency management program, with a focus on resident involvement and preparedness. We provide disaster preparedness training, and coordination of community organizations and resources. During times of disaster, the Division is responsible for managing and coordinating the city’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC). We conduct Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training for the public participate in a wide range of community events and activities. Through the AmeriCorps program, the Division will be focusing on community disaster education and preparedness activities for low income and other vulnerable populations.

The service member will assist in coordinating disaster education and preparedness activities, the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, recruit and manage emergency volunteers, and coordinate disaster preparedness education, focusing on the trainers. Reach out to vulnerable populations, including low income residents, minority groups, the disabled, elderly, and others; providing disaster preparedness information and activities. Attend events and meetings providing disaster preparedness information, to recruit volunteers and volunteer instructors. Coordinate and attend monthly CERT meetings, arranging for trainers or speakers for each meeting. Coordinate disaster related volunteer activities and manage volunteers. Write and distribute monthly volunteer newsletter. Member may serve in the Emergency Operations Center during activations to coordinate volunteer activities and attend training in preparation for those duties. Activities include creation of volunteer guidelines and recruitment processes, creation and  documentation of volunteer training programs, and handbooks for project sustainment upon completion of the AmeriCorps project. Candidates that speak Spanish will be given preference due to a need to provide emergency messages to the public in Spanish language.

This position is pending funding through AmeriCorps, for additional information and to obtain an application please visit AmeriCorps website. AmeriCorps will forward applications for this position to the City of Auburn once they are submitted. Selected applicants will be invited for an interview.