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In addition to the projects listed below, the City has several other projects in design and construction. For more information, please call 253-931-3010, or check our road closure/construction notices.

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Capital Project Contacts:
Engineering Front Counter

Jacob Sweeting
(Assistant Director of Engineering Services/City Engineer)
Luis Barba (Project Engineer)             
Kim Truong
(Project Engineer)
Jai Carter
(Project Engineer)
Ryan Vondrak
(Capital & Construction Engineering Manager)
Matt Larson
(Senior Project Engineer)
Mike Kamenzind
(Construction Manager)
Seth Wickstrom 
(Project Engineer)
Jeff Bender
(Project Engineer)

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A Street SE Preservation (East Main Street to 17th Street SE)

A Street SE is one of the City’s primary north/south arterial routes connecting the City’s Regional Growth Center to the north with the Sumner/Pacific Manufacturing Industrial Center to the south.  This corridor is also home to a number of businesses and residential communities and serves, on average, over 25,000 vehicular trips and over 85 transit services daily.  It is identified by the Washington State Freight and Goods Transportation System as a T3 Truck Freight Route, meaning the corridor carries between 300,000 and 4 million tons of freight each year.

With this much heavy usage over the years, the pavement has seen its share of significant wear and tear, and is in need of repairs.  In the Summer of 2018, the City was approved and awarded a federal Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) grant to initiate the street improvements along the north half of this vital corridor.  With the federal funding secured, the City is able to move forward with designing and constructing the A Street SE Preservation project.      

Project Description

The Project will preserve nearly 4.7 lane miles of roadway along A Street SE between East Main Street and 17th Street SE.  The Project consist of the following improvements:

A Street SE Preservation Project Location
Figure A: Project Location
  • Grind and overlay the roadway pavement from curb to curb
  • Perform pavement patching repairs in various locations
  •  Address localized drainage issues and ponding
  •  Upgrade curb ramps to meet ADA requirements
  •  Improve the water system by replacing approximately 1,000 feet of main between 2nd Street SE and 7th Street SE.
A St SE near 7th St SE
Existing Condition: A St SE near 7th St SE
 A St SE & 8th St SE Existing Condition: A St SE & 8th St SE

Project Benefits

  • Provides a smooth roadway surface and prolongs the life of the pavement structure
  • Eliminates potholes and depressions in the pavement
  • Alleviates drainage issue areas
  • Improves access for pedestrians
  • Improves the water system for future growth and reduction in maintenance costs.

Project Costs and Funding

The total current project estimate is $2,173,600.00 and is funded by an $881,800.00 Federal PSRC Grant and $1,291,800.00 in City funds.

Project Schedule

The design work associated with this project is being completed now with construction anticipated to begin this spring and be completed this fall.

Who to contact for more information

For more information on this Project, please contact Kim Truong, Project Engineer at 253-804-5059 or via email at