Police Advisory Committee
The Auburn Police Department is proud to announce the formation of the Police Advisory Committee. Auburn PD is looking for community members, who would like to act in an advisory role to the Auburn Police Department. The Police Advisory Committee (PAC) will give the community an opportunity to act in an advisory role in order to provide recommendations to the Auburn Police Department concerning community policing issues.

In this role, you will represent the people of Auburn and will be an active partner with the Auburn Police Department in the development of policies and strategies for the implementation of stronger, effective and equitable community policing. One important initiative the committee will undertake will be to review police operations, significant criminal investigations and internal affairs investigations after they are completed and consistent with Washington state law to provide comment and advice to the Chief of Police.

The committee will meet monthly for approximately two hours in the evening in the beginning and then adjust our schedule as needed once our foundation is set. You will also be required to attend a minimum of one training day per year and commit to serving on the committee for at least two years.

Fill out the PAC Application.
View the Patrol Districts Map (PDF) to find your district.
Read the description of the Police Advisory Committee (PDF).



Auburn School Dist.

I. Johnson

Auburn Youth

J. Mulenga

Auburn Senior People

R. Claudon

Auburn Business Community

K. Bray


D. Johnson

Black/African American

L. Kinlow

American Indian or Alaskan Native

S. Curley

Asian American

C. Tran

Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander

O. Langi

Hispanic or Latino

E. Barrera Lomeli

Faith Based Groups

C. Knight

Patrol District 1

R. Stirgus

Patrol District 2

C. Olson

Patrol District 3

K. Zendejas

Patrol District 4

J. Brass

Patrol District 5

J. Wonderling

Patrol District 6

J. Hesse




R. Conrad

Former or Retired LE

B. Holt


K Woodrow


A. Quinonez

Eastern European

R. Kakhrumanov


J. Stevenson


L. Lambert


Commander Adams

Chief of Police

Dan O'Neil