Community Development Block Grants
The City of Auburn's Community Development Block Grant Consolidated Plan guides the city's use of federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for a five year period. It describes the amount of assistance, priorities, range of activities, and estimated amount that will benefit low- and moderate-income people in our community. The Consolidated Plan Annual Action Plan outlines the specific programs and activities to be undertaken for the program year and the amount of funds that will be awarded to those projects. The program year for the City of Auburn begins January 1 and ends December 31. Auburn's current CDBG strategic planning documents are located below: 

Seeking Public Comment

The City of Auburn is currently seeking public comment on its draft 2021 Annual Action Plan, below. Written comments regarding the 2021 Annual Action Plan may be submitted to: 

Joy Scott
Community Services Manager
25 W Main Street
Auburn, WA  98001

Draft 2021 Annual Action Plan (PDF)

The deadline for the consideration of written comments is December 7, 2020.  Written comments will be addressed in the final draft of the Action Plan.  The City Council is tentatively scheduled to adopt the 2021 Annual Action Plan at their regular meeting on December 21, 2020.