Crow With Fries

Upcoming Events:

April 9-July 9

Celebration of the Crow - Art Exhibition
Auburn Community & Event Center | 910 9th Street SE

Wednesday, May 1 

Celebration of the Crow - Art Exhibition
Opening Reception
Auburn Community & Event Center | 910 9th Street SE

  • 5:30 PM: Artist Reception
  • 6:30 PM: "Crow with Fries" Artist Talk, Peter Reiquam
  • 7:00 PM: "Gifts of the Crow" - Presentation by Dr. John Marzluff, Professor of Wildlife Science at the University of Washington & author of Gifts of the Crow and In the Company of Crows and Ravens
    (Tickets are FREE, but registration is required to accommodate seating needs. Register online or by calling 253-931-3043.)
"Fryday" May 31

"Crow with Fries" Landing Celebration
6:00 PM-7:30 PM (Ribbon Cutting at 6:30 PM)
Les Gove Park along Auburn Way S. | 1140 Auburn Way S.

Peter Reiquam with sculpture diagram.

Have you ever noticed crows playing games in the air with their food, or cleverly dropping nuts from great heights to crack them open on the pavement below? Did you know that crows can even create and use tools to solve complex puzzles? Crows are known as one of the most intelligent species in the animal world. They can imitate other birds, cars, and even learn to speak if socialized with humans. Crows can recognize individual people and form a relationships with humans, pick a person out of a crowd, follow them, and remember them - for years! 

In late 2017, the City of Auburn began the process of commissioning an artist to create an iconic public art piece for Les Gove Park. Public art enhances meaning in our civic spaces and adds uniqueness to our communities. The artwork’s future location on Auburn Way South is the former site of Big Daddy’s Drive-In and is now a beautiful grassy entrance to one of Auburn’s most beloved parks. The goal was to create a piece of art for the park and city, as well as catch the attention of thousands that drive along Auburn Way South. There was a very competitive selection and interview process, with applications received from many accomplished Pacific Northwest public artists. The talented artist Peter Reiquam was selected by a committee and his proposed artwork was confirmed by the Auburn Arts Commission and Auburn City Council.

Artist Peter Reiquam has been successfully creating interactive, site-specific public art for over 30 years. Each of his studio projects are a “unique response to the special character of a given site, inspired by its history, culture, architecture, and surrounding landscape.” Inspired by the history of the site as a former drive-in, as well as the countless playful crows that frequent Les Gove Park, Reiquam has designed a large-scale sculpture titled “Crow with Fries” that is slated to be installed in late spring 2019. The sculpture will be a visible landmark that will encourage public interaction, whether sitting on the oversized package of sculptural french fries, or posing for a selfie with this winged creature. The artwork, currently in the fabrication phase at Reiquam’s large custom-built Georgetown studio, will be welded with precise aluminum panels and then powder coated, making this delightful sculpture incredibly durable and able to stand the test of time for the enjoyment of the Auburn community for many years to come.

In celebration of the new artwork, the City of Auburn has coordinated a community art exhibition in collaboration with local artist, curator, and crow-lover Greg Bartol. The Auburn Community & Event Center crow-themed art show, Celebration of the Crow, will be on display from April 9-July 9. Artists with work on display will include: Liz Ashley; Greg Bartol; Mary Ellen Bowers; Ricco DiStefano; Cynthia Gerdes; Mary Beth Hynes; Richard Jahn; Judy Lane; Judy Lee; Vikram Madan; Linda O'Neill; Leo Osborne; Sally Penley; Dinah Rau; Steven Ray; Wendy Ray; Catherine Thompson; Judy Salas; Judith Smith; Lydia Sutton; and Gretchen Van Dyke. An Opening Reception will be held on Wednesday, May 1 at the Auburn Community & Event Center from 5:30-8:00 PM and will include guest lectures, entertainment, and light refreshments.

A “Crow With Fries” Landing Celebration is set for “Fryday” May 31 from 6:00-7:30 PM at Les Gove Park along Auburn Way South. The free Landing Celebration will include entertainment, curated art activities related to crows, and fun crow-inspired games such as Crow-quet, Crow Hole; Connect Crow, and more. Free hot dogs, chips, drink and cake will also be served.

These various opportunities will give the community an opportunity to see and learn about crows in the Auburn community and park, perhaps coming to appreciate them from a different perspective.

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